Soul singer Joss, affectionally known to some as, 'will fuck for tracks' Stone, is reportedly dating rapper Nelly. Joss, who was recently rumoured to have offered more than just her voice to producer Mark Ronson, (which he later denied) has apparently been on a number of dates with the man responsible for 'Hot in Herre.'

Joss had previously joked (although she doesn't look like she has much of a sense of humour) that she may become a lesbian because of the trouble she was having finding a man. But surely a woman would find her just as annoying.

Joss had said:

"Every girl my age wants to be in a relationship. I haven't had one in two years. I think I'll have to turn lesbian."

But that was before Nelly came along, the lucky sod. A source said:

"Joss and Nelly have been out on a few dates together. It's early days but we haven't seen Joss this happy in quite a long time. It's great she has met someone as successful as she is and who understands the pressures being a performer can put on your life."

And also the pressure of not being as successful as you once were.

The source continued:

"And it helps that he is hot too - he is just her type."

Well, he is in the music industry after all...