Millionaire Dating: Follow your instinct when you are dating someone

( from experience money is a great motivator and temptation. Just because you have it or someone your dating has it doesn't mean you always use the best discretion in dating someone. If the person is right for you believe me you will know. Don't settle your standards in what you are seeking in a person. If you're serious about settling down with someone, don't try to get lay on the first date. It sends a message that sex is all you are interested in and you both never really establish a kindred spirit. You know instantly if there is chemistry between you both at first site but that isn't enough to make a relationship last. Even if you just end up being friends trust me you want to know who you are sleeping with.

Another tip make sure your friend, family member knows the location where your date is suppose to meet you, the time and the person's your meeting info. Have in place a certain time to call that person to let them know how the date is going. You never can be too safe. Never give out your address where you live or have someone met you at your home. Keep it public. Talk, email, text, chat to the person for at least a couple of weeks before meeting them in person to weed out the nuts!(lol) Most of all be yourself and have fun.

Dating is suppose to be a good experience not a trail and tribulation. Remember there is someone for everyone in life. Keep true to your dreams!

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Online dating story: Choose the right mate wisely!

( PR)In choosing the right mate, one must be careful to assume that sweet and kind words are just alphabetical characters that anyone can put together. The words spoken must be put to the test, which is why actions speak louder than words! I'm not talking about the type of actions that would drive anyone away from you (forceful or intimidating ones). Love has a many faces and the problem with finding the right connection is within the realms of honesty and down to earthiness of an individual. It takes a lot of soul searching first to find love within ones-self to appreciate being loved by the other person.

Love is not boastful or rude! Love is kind and respectful of the other person. Nor is love hastily found! Love is patience and enduring, not judgmental! love overlooks flaws and searches for passion within the heart of an individual. No one (1) person is perfect, but it takes 2 lovers to become the perfect love for each other! Love is not substance, love is caring, a smile, a joyful true real moment together! Love is what you make of the time you spend together with your special someone. Love is sharing yourself with someone who doesn't mind the mascara tear stained dress or the extra gray strands of hair on the top of your head. Love is acceptance!
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