Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Breaks Out

Newsflash: Miley Cyrus is just like any other teenager across America. She just happens to be famous. She gets nervous and self conscious the same way that many young girls her age do. She finds ways to decompress and lset loose when she’s nervous, like playing her guitar for example. She admits her mistakes and says that she’s learned from them. Though Miley is looking to grow up, she still wants to remain a positive role mdoel for her young fans. Today, her new album, “Breakout” hit stores and she sat down with Good Morning America for an in depth interview.

Late last week, Miley performed on Good Morning America as part of their summer concert series. With “Breakout” being her first album just as herself, and not as Hannah Montana, she was understandably a little nervous. “To finally be like, not hiding behind the wig or being a character… you know, if no one shows up as Hannah, it’s like, ‘Okay, it’s a little bet better’. If no one shows up as Miley, it’s really gonna hurt because these are songs that I’ve written,” she said this morning. “These are really important to me and things I want to say.”

Coming up with a new for Miley’s first solo album, as a true artist, wasn’t as difficult as she originally thought. “My dad and I – we both were trying to think about what we wanted this album to represent. It’s definitely my breakout record. It was hard work but it was so much fun,” she told Good morning America. Miley was very involved in putting together “Breakout” and wrote almost every song on the album.

Not too long into the interview, it was time for Miley to address her new infamous Vanity Fair photo shoot. She admitted that it was hard on her and was glad to escape back home to Tennessee for a while and get out of the spotlight. Miley returned back to California, having learned a lot from the media backlash. Her biggest lesson? “I think just to stay true to yourself. I think I was in stage where I was trying to get things done and look for an older audience and working with a big magazine, trying to go with what they were trying to say,” she admitted. “I think learning from your mistakes is the biggest thing and it really made me remember how much my fans really support me.”

Miley recently lent her voice to the animated film, Bolt, about a German Shepherd who believes that he has superpowers. John Travolta also stars in the film, which hits theaters this November. Of course, Miley's biggest movie in the works is Hannah Montana: The Movie, which is set for a 2009 release.